Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)


We do not publish our bank details in email ever, nor will we ever request it via email.

Conveyancers and Solicitors are being targeted by hackers who are using technology to monitor incoming and outgoing emails, in particular those that make reference to fund transfers and with banking account details. Hackers are intercepting emails to gain information of legitimate emails and posing as conveyancers and solicitors, continuing conversations in similar tone and using similar formatting and even disguising email addresses. They request funds to be transferred to an account to facilitate the sale of a property, they even have details of the transaction to further fake the conversation. These emails on the face of it look legitimate, but they are not from the conveyancer and contain the hackers bank account details. After obtaining the funds they quickly disappear leaving the Vendor without the funds from the sale.

In order to minimise the risk to the clients of Central Victoria Conveyancing we ask that you be vigilant and never action any request for fund transfers that are contained within the body of an email and always call us to check account details if you have received by any other means, this includes texts.

If you receive a text requesting funds do not respond to it directly, look up our contact and call us to confirm.

At Central Victoria Conveyancing, we are being vigilant in our online security with multifaceted authentication to access all data, we further encrypt and backup off site daily. Being a small firm allows us the ability to quickly see any changes and report quickly.

The safest way to transfer funds is to provide a Bank Cheque or by making a transfer at a bank.

Once again to be sure, we do not publish our bank details in email ever, nor will we ever request it via email.

Central Victorian Conveyancer

At Central Victoria Conveyancing, as Victorian farmers and former city dwellers, we understand all your Victorian country, suburban and city property concerns. We are with you all the way through your transaction, we are always available to discus any concerns or questions you may have in a friendly and easy to understand way with no unnecessary legal jargon. Clare Spicer Sonnet

Our Advantages

Whether you are a first home buyer or looking to upsize or down size from your current home, a business looking to buy or sell, a developer looking to subdivide, an investor looking for your best options, or a farmer selling land ( we can help with water shares too), our team at Central Victoria Conveyancing can help you with advice and legal professional property services to suit your requirements and needs.

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