Vendor (seller) Information

If you are ready to sell a property and would like us engaged as your legal representative, please click the button below and fill out our vendor property form to send us the details.

Vendor Process

Conveyancing is the legal process undertaken in property transactions. As the Vendor (Seller) we prepare all the documentation required for the property transaction and represent the vendor during the entire process.

Our service includes:

  • Preparing or Reviewing the contract of sale:
  • Preparing the Contract of Sale includes customising the Contract of Sale to your specific Property, type of Sale, inclusions and any special conditions to protect your interest in the property.

We review the sale contract and communicate the terms and conditions to the purchaser. This includes references to the zoning of the property; utility connections; any special conditions, including deadlines; purchase price and settlement date; deposit and payment date; matters relating to title (references to covenants, restrictions, easements and the like); and Owners Corporation matters.

Applying for a full set of certificates

The Section 32 statement must be provided to the buyer before the sale and contains information about the property’s title, including mortgages, covenants, easements and zoning. The certificates provide information such as the latest owners corporation fees, a Water Information Statement, disclosures about any unregistered easements, indications from the relevant road authority showing whether the property has been acquired for road widening, building information regarding works undertaken during the previous 10 years, as well as reference to final inspections, outstanding orders and flood levels.

Title search and certificates check

A cross-reference against information in the Section 32 statement.

Arranging payment

As your conveyancer, I would calculate the difference between the sum provided by the financier and that owed to the vendor, and arrange a bank cheque from the purchaser for that difference.

Additional services as your conveyancer I can provide

Negotiation with the purchaser representative in relation to any changes to the contract of sale terms and conditions. An example would be an extension of time relating to finance approval or granting of a licence to occupy the property prior to settlement.

As your Conveyancer, I am qualified to give legal advice relative to the property purchase.


Disbursements, are the costs of obtaining a combination of legally required certificates and notices, settlement fees.

Disbursements will vary $400 - $900, and are dependent on type of property, locality, if the property has an owners corporation, if the property is new build or has any building permits. These certificates and notices do have an expiry date and some may need to be reordered every 60 to 90 days.


You will have to make an appointment to discuss your sale of property. This appointment will take one hour. At this appointment, we will discuss your conveyancing matter and I will be able to give you a personalised quote for all disbursements and professional fees.

We will need to complete a Verification of Identity, this is a legal requirement before we can act for you, the verification of Identity will only need to be completed once every two years. For each person represented in the property transaction. You will also be required to answer a Vendor’s questionnaire pertaining to the property and any other property you own.

It is important that you bring with you any documents pertaining to the property, documents of identity and documents relating to your legal residence.

All other disbursements and our Conveyancing service fees are paid at Settlement from proceeds of sale. We will send you an account of all fees and disbursements at the conclusion of sale.

Your Security

All files are kept securely in paper for a period of 90 days when they all information is scanned to electronic files are kept for 7 Years after your transaction is completed.

If you prefer a paper file be held as well please ask.

Several legal firms and clients have been targeted by spam email in recent times. To address this, we will not be invoicing or requesting payment into our accounts via email, please do not make any payments into any account without clarification from our office first.

You will receive updates or information requests via email only. All sensitive correspondence including invoices will be forwarded by express post.

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Central Victorian Conveyancer

At Central Victoria Conveyancing, as Victorian farmers and former city dwellers, we understand all your Victorian country, suburban and city property concerns. We are with you all the way through your transaction, we are always available to discus any concerns or questions you may have in a friendly and easy to understand way with no unnecessary legal jargon. Clare Spicer Sonnet

Our Advantages

Whether you are a first home buyer or looking to upsize or down size from your current home, a business looking to buy or sell, a developer looking to subdivide, an investor looking for your best options, or a farmer selling land ( we can help with water shares too), our team at Central Victoria Conveyancing can help you with advice and legal professional property services to suit your requirements and needs.

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